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Let’s Enjoy National Onion Day, June 27

Let’s Enjoy National Onion Day, June 27

by | Jun 20, 2023

For many, you can’t have a sub—or even a pizza—without an onion. Onions are popular in salads, too, and many other dishes too numerous to mention. At Tommy’s Pizza and Subs, we use onions in a number of our traditional Italian dishes, sandwiches, and salads unless you ask us to hold them, of course.

Let’s Enjoy National Onion Day, June 27

We love onions—not only because they’re tasty and a great way to add a little zip to sauces, eggs, burgers, and more, but because they’re rich in probiotics and can boost human immunity. We’re not the only ones who love onions, of course. Millions of onions are harvested each year in the United States. Onions even have their own holiday, National Onion Day, which is June 27.

Onions …

  • Are rich in probiotics and may promote gut health
  • Have been shown to boost human immunity
  • Are high in Vitamin C
  • Are a good source of dietary fiber and folic acid
  • Contain calcium, iron, and have a high protein quality
  • Are low in sodium and contain no fat
  • Contain quercetin, a flavonoid (type antioxidant compound)
  • Contain organosulfur compounds that may offer unique health benefits.

Types of Onions

While garlic is used widely with Italian cooking (though that wasn’t always the case), onions are actually just as fundamental an ingredient in many Italian dishes (if not more so).

There are a great many varieties of onions. Here are some of the basic varieties you’re probably most familiar with:

  • Yellow Onions are the “old reliable” of onions. Considered a great all-purpose cooking onion, they’re a little strong when eaten raw, but mellow nicely when sautéed, roasted, or caramelized. Spanish onions are a larger, milder relative that can be yellow or white.
  • Red Onions are often used raw in salads, especially Greek ones. Often a little spicier than yellows, they’re also a great choice for grilling or pickling.
  • White Onions are softer and milder than yellows and reds, with less of a lingering aftertaste. Most prefer them cooked quickly or served raw. Slice them thin and soak for an hour in cold water and they’ll be so sweet you can practically eat them on their own.
  • Sweet Onions contain less sulfur and more water than yellows, reds, and whites, so they tend to be mild, crisp, and good for eating raw, frying into onion rings, etc. Varieties are typically defined by the particular region where they’re grown, such as Washington’s Walla Wallas, Georgia’s Vidalias, and Hawaii’s Mauis.
  • Green Onions are also known as scallions. The bulbs and the tops tend to be mild and soft, making them good raw, sprinkled over eggs for example, or slow-cooked in a stir fry.
  • Spring Onions are actually yellow, red, or white onions harvested early in (you guessed it) the spring. They’re great for grilling, roasting, or braising, tops and all.
  • Shallots are great tasting but not too strong, making them extremely versatile. Use them finely chopped and raw, halve them and roast them, or pickle them whole.
  • Cipolline Onions are naturally small and saucer-shaped. More sugary than big onions, they’re ideal for roasting whole until caramelized.
  • Pearl Onions are sweet and small and come in red, white, and yellow varieties. Halved or left whole, they can be roasted, braised, pickled, creamed, glazed, confited, or enjoyed raw.

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