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Make National Pizza Week a Week Your Tastebuds Will Remember

Make National Pizza Week a Week Your Tastebuds Will Remember

by | Jan 9, 2024

Pizza enthusiasts, rejoice! National Pizza Week is here (like we needed an excuse to indulge in the cheesy, saucy goodness of pizza). Tommy’s Pizza and Subs invites you to help us celebrate the occasion by exploring the origins of National Pizza Week and indulging in some delectable ways to make the most of this cheesy celebration..

Tommy's Pizza Celebrates National Pizza Week

Origins of National Pizza Week

While the exact origins of National Pizza Week remain a mystery, one thing is for sure—National Pizza Week has captured the hearts (and tastebuds) of people across the country. It’s a time when pizzerias, foodies, and pizza aficionados alike come together to revel in the delicious diversity of this iconic dish.

Celebrated during the second week of January each year, it’s a perfect post-holiday treat to lift spirits during winter chills and short days. This year’s dates are Sunday, Jan 14, 2024 through Saturday, Jan 20, 2024.

How to Celebrate

Ways to celebrate National Pizza Week are limited only by your imagination. That said, here are a few ideas from Team Tommy’s:

Pizza Crawl—Kick off National Pizza Week by embarking on a pizza crawl of local pizzerias. You may want to start off at Tommy’s because you probably won’t want our need to go anywhere else. This is a great way to support community restaurants and experiment with different tastes and toppings!

Pizza and Movie Marathon—Combine two great pastimes, pizza and movies by creating a cozy movie night at home for you and loved ones or get the gang together for marathon pizza eating and movie streaming night or weekend. You might even try to coordinate pizza styles to complement different movie genres.

Pizza Tasting Party—Turn National Pizza Week into a tasting adventure. Invite friends to bring their favorite pizzas or order from different restaurants. Create a scorecard to rate crispiness, sauce, and the cheese factor. By the end of the party, crown a pizza champion.

Pizza and Pairings—Elevate the pizza experience by exploring beverage pairings. Whether it’s a craft beer, a bold red wine, or a refreshing soda, the right drink can enhance the flavors of your chosen pizza. Experiment with pairings and find the perfect match for your pizza palate.

Make Tommy’s Your Pizza Purveyor of Choice

National Pizza Week is a special time in which we celebrate this popular dish. We all know, though, that sharing a slice with friends, family, or even strangers is special all year round. Tommy’s Pizza and Subs adds to your pizza enjoyment.

For more than 30 years our authentic Italian cooking has been serving up all sorts of cheesy, saucy, and downright delicious pizzas to satisfy a wide range of appetites.

We also offer a wide range of specials and discounts to make it easier for you to enjoy our yummy pizza pies:

  • Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays during the NFL playoffs
  • Get any large, two topping pizza from Tommy’s for just $20.99 plus tax
  • -OR- buy any two medium Tommy’s pizzas at their regular prices and get a third of equal or lesser value for free

Monday #2 Double

  • Two 14-inch pizzas with one topping for $26.99 + tax

Spaghetti Dinner Special

  • Two spaghetti dinners plus garlic bread and two salads for $35.00 + tax

Slice Special (Tues & Wed only)

  • Slice of Cheese or Pepperoni (only)
  • $3.50 + tax
  • 2 slices + Soda $9.95 + tax

Anytime #3 Slice-O-Special

  • 1 Slice-O-Cheese + 16oz drink
  • $7.99 + tax
  • $1/ea for extra toppings

$5 off Any Purchase of $30 or More

FREE 14″ Medium Cheese Pizza with Purchase of Any Large Pizza

Torpedo Trio

  • Buy 2 Torpedo Subs, Get 1 of equal or lesser value free!
  • Wednesdays only

Italian Torpedo Special

  • $9.50 + tax
  • Valid Monday to Wednesday only

Family Special #1

  • $25.99 + tax
  • 1 large, 2-topping pizza + 2-liter soda

Family Special #2

  • $39.99 + tax
  • 1 large, 2-topping pizza, 1 torpedo, 1 antipasto salad

Catering Special

  • $99 + tax
  • Serves 12-15 people
  • Includes 1 large cheese or pepperoni pizza cut into squares; 1/2 tray of salad (choice of dressing); 1/2 tray of spaghetti with marinara sauce; 1/2 tray of garlic bread

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